What are the benefits of website design?

Website design is essential for any business that wants to develop business and expand the market to reach a large number of customers in all different regions, helping businesses increase brand recognition. and generate revenue for customers. Simply, if you have a website, you can reach customers from all over the country, no need to hire employees, rent space or advertise in costly but effective mass media channels. . Your website can work 24/7 and 365 days a year, the website can also update the fastest information for customers, anywhere customers can access your website to buy products. product….

How long does it take to design a website?

The time to design a website depends a lot on the requirements of the customer. The first is when customers require more functions and meticulous details, the time will be longer. After the survey, we will conduct a quote and completion time with you

What information should be provided when designing a website?

When designing a website at NinhTienIT, you need to provide the following main information:

  • Company Logo, Enterprise (logo in Corel, Photoshop, JPG…). Large, clear image of the Company. Active images, Products, … (The higher the quality, the better the website’s artistic design).
  • Information, articles about your company, partners…. The information you want to put on the website.
How to get a website to rank high on search engines?

In order for the website to appear on Google search results, we must optimize the website for SEO standards and declare it to Google.  This while designing, we will help you optimize the best and declare it to Google right after. However there are some ways to speed up the process and compete with many of your competitors in the industry, you should check out our SEO services and Google Adswords advertising services .